Nomads on the move

on the move

Life is a journey. A beautiful and challenging one. And so is design. Evolving on every single bend, a constant movement towards the future. In Nomada we believe that there are no boundaries - neither in life nor in design. We are here to adapt, to seek the best solutions, the most unique experiences, and to make them all look beautiful.

Nomads, a bag ful of expertise

A bag
of expertise

Ours is a long journey, and we are prepared for it. Our team has dedicated 10 years to advertising and digital projects. Our skills are varied and we keep learning as we face new challenges. Web and mobile design, UX, illustration, creativity, video animation and post-production are among our preferred ones, but we proudly wear many hats.

Nomads; searching for styles



Searching for


The world is BIG. More than we think.
And it has the greatness of diversity: many different things to see, so many different eyes to see them. Because there's not a single solution to everyone’s problem, we love to explore different points of view and combine them to create the most suitable style for each project.

Nomads, moving with passion

Moving with

“Well, you know. We all want to change the world”, but that’s almost impossible. Meanwhile, we find satisfaction in dedicating our work to those projects that aim for a better world. Social enterprises, NGOs, ethnographic research, green developments, sustainable businesses... If you are an organisation that needs our services, drop us a line and let’s start moving forward.

Teo Ardoy, Nomada Founder and Director

Teo Ardoy

Founder, Director & Nomad
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Irene Pérez Alvarado, Expert in Social Enterprises at Nomada


Pérez Alvarado

Expert in Social Projects
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